3 Ways Your Travel Agent Can Save You Money

Posted on: 18 September 2015

Are you and your family planning a big vacation? If so, but you are on a bit of a budget then you may want to reconsider booking and planning your trip yourself and hire a professional travel agency. There are many benefits to using a travel agency when booking a big family vacation, as they can likely help you save on the overall costs of your trip. A few great ways that your travel agency will help you save is by:

Building You a Vacation Package:

Rather than have your airfare expenses, car rental fee, and hotel costs separate from one another, your agent will be able to build you a vacation package which will include your hotel, car rental, and airfare all under one itinerary. Not only will this organize your trip, but because you are creating a package from your agency, they will likely be able to give you a nice discount on your vacation, as they offer discounted rates with them the more you book with them.

Avoiding Markup Rates:

Booking your hotel room directly from the front desk of the hotel can cause you to overpay. This is because the hotel itself can control the rates of the hotel when and how they want, which means they can markup the rates of your hotel stay. Well, because your travel agency books hotel rooms in advance, they are given much lower rates than you would get if you were to book it yourself. So, by having your agency book your hotel, you can likely see big savings on your trip.

Planning More Efficiently:

Not only will your travel agency be able to help you save on the upfront cost of your vacation, but because of the experience and their knowledge, you will be able to plan your vacation more efficiently. This will help you avoid booking a hotel that may be too far from the attractions you plan on visiting, which can save you from having to use gas on your rental car or worry about taking a public transit. Your agent will also ensure you have a great selection of nearby restaurants by your hotel, which will prevent you from having to pay for overpriced 5 star restaurants if you're not in the mood for anything fancy.

With these three benefits, your trip will likely become easier to organize, so you can focus more on having a good time and less about rushing around trying to find bargains on your hotel, airfare, and car rentals. So, not only will you save a nice chunk of money, but you will definitely be able to have a more pleasant family vacation, which is most important.

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