The Not-So-Magical Kingdom -- 5 Ways A Non-Fan Can Love Disney World

Posted on: 8 September 2016

Visiting Disney World with your friends or family is a magical experience for most people. But, if you're not a huge fan of all things Disney, the same trip can sound more like several days of standing in lines, being bombarded by adults in princess costumes, and paying for overpriced food. So, what's a Disney non-fan to do? Here are 5 magical ways to enjoy your Disney World trip without putting on a pair of mouse ears.

Go Diving. At Epcot Center, you can make some fishy new friends by diving at Epcot DiveQuest. At the Caribbean Coral Reef, SCUBA-certified guests can swim in the giant tanks and even say hi to their families outside through the large windows. If you're not an experienced diver, you can still opt to swim with dolphins or enjoy other sea-based adventures. 

Enjoy the Hotel. Choosing the right hotel is key to enjoying a Disney World trip that's light on the "Disney." Avoid hotels such as the Art of Animation Resort or any hotel that's heavily advertised with Disney characters. Instead, opt for a more adult-themed hotel like Port Orleans Riverside or Animal Kingdom Lodge. And then take advantage of hotel amenities to relax in the evening -- spas, cocktails, walks along the water -- and wash off the theme park feel of the day. 

Take in the Nightlife. There are several places to go and have a good time once the sun goes down. You can find lots of grown-up fun while dining or drinking at Downtown Disney, Paradiso 37, Raglan Road or The Boardwalk. Or attend "La Nouba" -- a family-friendly Cirque du Soleil show. At some venues, you can even enjoy a view of the nightly Epcot Center fireworks show without having to brave the park again.

Take a Carriage Ride. Many resort hotels -- usually including Port Orleans Riverside or Fort Wilderness -- offer a romantic horse-drawn carriage tour of their resort property. It's a perfect getaway from the hustle-and-bustle of the park in the evening. If you're visiting around the holidays, a carriage ride can turn a normal evening into a sparkly, magical Christmas experience.

Know the Parks. If you don't want to be inundated by Disney activities in the parks themselves, do some research ahead of time. Make a list of your "must-do" activities and know where they are all located in relation to each other. In addition, you may want to purchase Fast Passes in order to spend less time waiting in lines. The parks at night can be a great alternative to the daytime, as well -- since crowds will be fewer, many families have already left, and the focus is on more adult-focused activities (like the music and fireworks shows). 

By thinking outside the box when planning your Disney World trip, you can find a way to balance the Disney theme and what you would prefer to enjoy. Talk with your Disney World travel agent to determine the best time of year to visit, the right hotel for you, and the best activities to make time for. And then, the trip will be magical both for you and for the Disney fans in your life. 


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